Rebirth: An Act of Self-Love

The Rebirth Collection by Koukatelier™ tells the story of our unique identities.

Amid a society that has dictated women's roles, beauty, and self-worth for generations, each painting is an act of self-love, celebrating the process of Rebirth.

Meet Kouka, founder and creator

Photo of Francesca Desulme, aka Kouka, Founder and creator of Koukatelier

Francesca Désulmé - or, as she's known to many, Kouka - is a multidisciplinary Haitian artist based in Ottawa, Canada.

Through her artistic creations at Koukatelier™ [cook-ah-the-lay], she unravels stories of beauty, wellness & positive identity into the world.

Kouka explores art as a form of therapy, helping others to believe in who they are, and encouraging them in the fearless pursuit of what matters most!

*Koukatelier™ means "Kouka's studio" in french.

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