The real issue is trash

The real issue is trash

It was February 2020.

I couldn’t ignore the pull anymore. My dream to launch an art business, showcase my skills and offer services (custom home decor, graphic design and paintings) was tugging at my heart.

There were more questions than answers in my brain: Will this work? Can I do it? How will this work?

Sometimes you must take a leap of faith with both feet and figure things out along the way. But there was one thing I was sure about - which was Koukatelier's core values.

One of them is sustainability.

I wanted to ensure that each product was packaged mindfully and sourced ethically.

This wasn’t an easy task because only a few companies were offering affordable eco-friendly materials in small quantities.

Still, I pushed through and constantly researched for the best alternatives to offer:

  1. Packages that are recycled, recyclable and compostable

    • Boxes can be shredded and composted or recycled. No need to remove the water-activated tape. It breaks down too!

    • For mailers (primarily for smaller packages), the packaging is recycled and recyclable.

  2. Inserts - including transparent sleeves - are recycled and recyclable.

    • You can reuse and repurpose them at home as well! Keep small items tidy and tucked away in them - the earth will thank you!

  3. Fillers - peanuts or craft paper - they are both responsibly sourced and sustainable

    • Peanuts are water-soluble, so you can pop them in your compost or wash them down the drain if composting isn’t available in your area.

    • For craft paper, reuse them! They make really cute DIY gift wraps. You can recycle them if they are too wrinkled :)


Koukatelier's packaging is from Ecoenclose, NoIssue and Sticker Mule, based in the USA and Canada. Check out their websites for more.



Our planet is going through a climate crisis. Everyone can make a difference with their actions.


I wanted to create a brand you didn’t have to feel guilty to buy from.


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