Packaged with sustainibility in mind

Behind every piece of art we create lies a passionate commitment to protecting the planet. We've got sustainability in our hearts when packing and shipping, doing everything possible to leave a minimal footprint.

We package your orders with reused or recycled materials that you can reuse and recycle too!

To go the extra mile, we've dedicated funds to global tree planting initiatives.

Our way of saying 'thank you' for shopping sustainably with us - every order helps make a difference!

  • Resuse

    Think about ways you can reuse some items to store things around the house.

    Is there a local facility you can donate the boxes to?

  • Recycle

    Everything is recyclable! The tape, boxes, kraft mailers, protective film, and plastic mailers.

    Our promise is to always use recycled materials, which means no new resources were taken from our planet to ship your order.

    PS: Remove the shipping label before discarding it to keep your information confidential.

  • Compost

    Did your package include peanut fillers?

    They are made of cornstarch making them fully compostable in contact with water.

    Check your local composting regulations to know how to properly discard them.

    You can also compost the boxes and kraft mailers. Just remove the tape (recyclable).