How it started


is a multidisciplinary painter and illustrator.

Kouka's art centers around the experience of women in the world.

Wanting to bring awareness of the importance of wellness and healing, her art is a constant invitation to reconnect with ourselves and embrace our identity.

Growing up in Haiti, Kouka was exposed to various art forms, from paintings in her home to artisanal crafts in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

This helped turn childhood curiosity into a deep passion for creating meaningful art.

Koukatelier™ (meaning Kouka's studio in french) is a space of freedom & expression of self.

Koukatelier™ isn't only a childhood dream - it's an effervescent space of creativity.

The atelier is where ideas are crafted, and exploration turns into masterpieces.

Koukatelier™ is a space of creativity, freedom & expression of self.

She creates

  • Paintings

    Constant exploration of different mediums, Kouka's style is constantly evolving

  • Illustrations

    Kouka creates drawings that get noticed.

  • Crafts

    Think home decor, DIY projects or special event